We receive many interesting letters at The Globe & Miami Gazette, though one arrived the other day that particularly caught out attention. It was from a gentleman in the Netherlands who tends the grave of a fallen WWII soldier. The member of the 84th Infantry Division just happens to have hailed from Miami. Joseph Carpenter was killed in action on March 2, 1945, only weeks before the war in Europe ended.

The Editor

Dear Editor

My name is Patrick Wetzels from Heerlen, the Netherlands and I am in search of family of a fallen soldier of the European campaign in Europe during World War II.

There is a large cemetery in Margraten, NL which holds about 10,000 war graves of US soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. What makes this cemetery really special is that all tombstones have been adopted by the local population of South Limburg who visit these boys a few times a year and put flowers next to their tombstones.

I am one of those people who have adopted one of these graves. In my case I am looking after the grave of Joseph Carpenter. This young man fell in Germany in March 1945 and he was also buried in Margraten. Not much information was available when I was appointed to his grave and I have been meaning to get in contact with his family to let them know their loved one is looked after and cared for even though he fell all these years ago.

As he is from Miami, Gila County in Arizona I was hoping whether there might be any way that you could assist me in finding his family? I am not sure where to start to be honest. I don’t think Joseph had any kids nor a partner at the time of his passing, but there might be other family still around who might be interested to be in touch.

All the best



John Carpenter (father)
Margarite (Tessier) Carpenter (mother)
Marion A. Carpenter (sister)
Willes Carpenter (brother)
Virginia N. Carpenter (sister)

Please let us know if Joseph is a family relative or if you have any information concerning the life of this local war hero.